Chery QQ3- Dynamite in small packages

The Cherry QQ3 is an urban vehicle manufactured by the Chinese car maker Chery Automobile and Avtotor. The city car was first named the Chery QQ when it was first introduced to the market in the year 2003 and was only named the Chery QQ3 in the year 2006 when Chery introduced the Chery QQ3, which comes as a super-mini car. It is named after the Russian sweet, the Chery. The car has been in production from 2003 to date and comes as a 5-door hatchback which has the option of two engines, the 0.8 L engine and the 1.1-litre engine.

Both engine options use the 5-speed manual transmission and it has a wheelbase of 2340mm and measures 3550mm in length and a width of 1495mm. It has a height of 1485mm. The 0.8-litre engine is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 70Nm at 3500rpm, while the 1.1-litre delivers a maximum torque of 90Nm at 3500 rpm. Both engines take a front drive orientation and the vehicle has very good power outage to cater for all the driving needs within the urban circles. Power on the 0.8 engine is estimated as 38kW, produced at 6000 rpm, while the 1.1 engine generates 50kW at raves of up to 6000 p/m.

The Chery TE trim comes with the sound system that is supported by two speakers, while the up market TX trim provides four speakers instead and also features the AM/FM electronically adjustable radio. This urban vehicle offers up market features which has made it a darling on the local market, not just for being affordable, but also for providing a modern drive feel and a touch of excellence. The safety and security on the TX trim is of high standards, being defined by features such as the side impact protection bars, the engine immobilizer, the convenience locking and child locks on rear doors. Seats belts are provided for safety of passengers and the driver on both trims.

By choosing the Chery QQ3, you have selected luxury, comfort and convenience unlimited. The vehicle provides electric windows for the front and rear for the TX, while the split folding seats which aid in the creation of more space for luggage are found on both trims. The aircon is offered on the TE trim as an optional features, but standard on the TX trim. The exterior design and make of the Chery QQ3 is shaped by features such as the rear spoiler, the rear wiper, the mud skirt and the high mounted brake lamp. The TX trim features alloy wheels and electric mirrors for a class distinction, style and flair, while the TE trim takes on the steel wheel rims.

Both trims utilize a fuel tank capacity of 35 L and with a fuel consumption of 6.8 litres/100km on both engines, the Chery QQ3 is capable of going over 500km before a refill; and for an urban vehicle, who would complain about the performance and the distance travelled before refill. The suspension on both trims features the MacPherson struts on the front, while the rear features the beam and coil springs. More and additional convenience and easy handling is courtesy of the power options which include the power steering. The kerb mass for the Chery QQ3 is 880 kg on both trims and the Gross Vehicle Mass of the vehicle is 1255kg. The combination of the 13 inch tyres and the ground clearance of 125mm make the Chery QQ3 solid and firm on the road, reducing any chances of rolling over.

Written by Stuart Moir

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